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Jan and one of her dogs

Jan Steves, 57, was born and raised in Washington State. She is the mother of three adult children, Nicole, Tyler and Kelsey. A 1974 graduate of Edmonds High School, she attended the University of Washington. She is currently employed in property management.

Jan grew up loving the great outdoors, from sea level to the mountain tops. She is an avid skier, hiker, snowshoe enthusiast, scrambler, and animal lover. At 17 she began teaching for Fiorini Ski School, sharing her love of skiing with youth for over 25 years. Her involvement with the Everett mountaineers and Outdoor Youth Connections enabled her to share her love of the outdoors with kids.

In 2008, she combined 3 of her loves: mountains, snow and dogs, replacing fast skis for sled runners. "With sled dogs in my life, mushing has become my passion."

Jan volunteered for Iditarod 2008 and was hosted by Iditarod Veteran Ted and Paula English. "Ted and Paula offered me the opportunity of a lifetime; to run dogs in Alaska." She spent the following three winters, living between her home in Edmonds, Washington and English Kennel in Willow, Alaska; training for the 2012 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

In 2011, she was one of 11 dog teams who participated in the 2011 Col. Norman Vaughan 25 Serum Run, commemorating the 1925 Serum Run, Nenana to Nome. "It was an awesome experience to spend 22 days on the trail with my dogs and what a great way to better prepare me and my team for the 2012 Iditarod."

She ran her first Iditarod in 2012 and finished with the Red Lantern. Making it all the way to Nome, her rookie year. Her 2013 Iditarod ended at Eagle Island.

Jan is signed up for Iditarod 2014 and her goal is to make it all the way to Nome with a happy, healthy dog team. This will be a very special Iditarod for her, as her Iditarider is her daughter, Nicole. When Jan isn't running dogs, she loves sharing her journey, especially with school kids.

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