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Rick Steves — Europe Through the Back Door

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In Memory of June Steves

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Selene Maxwell — Langley, BC Canada
Don Beavon — Tulalip, WA


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Special Thanks


Special thanks to the following for their love and support in my dream. I couldn't do it without them!


TO MY FAMILY... My mom and dad, brother Rick, Sister Linda, Children Nicole, Tyler and Kelsey, for their incredible love and support. It means so much to me and keeps me going.

Ted and Paula English for their hospitality and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime...to run dogs!

Cecile Hoovler, who has been a part of this dream from the beginning...for her love and moral support.

Bill Henning, who has been a part of this dream from the beginning and who I can call on for whatever I need while I am away in Alaska.

Patricia Feaster and Jamen Shively for their help with my PowerPoint presentation.

Bronn Journey, for his beautiful harp music that I listen to on the trail. (bronnjourney.com)

Jackie Leeke for the loving care she gives my parents while I am in Alaska. Without her I couldn't leave.

To my Dad, Richard Steves who, when I told him of my dream, his response was "if anyone can do this, you can".

If you have further questions about Jan Steves, feel free to contact us for additional information.

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