Jan Steves — Iditarod 2017
Living My Dream

2013/2014 Training Season


2014 Iditarod Sponsors

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Team Dogs
Wheel Dogs
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Happy Paws
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Golden Harness — Over $5,000



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Top Dogs — $1,000 - $5,000


Richard Steves, Sr. — Shoreline, WA

Sponsored Dog: Tok

Rick Steves — Edmonds, WA

Teresa Cooper — NC

Sponsored Dog: Red


Become a Top Dog sponsor

Lead Dogs — $500


Jeff and Deanna LePage, First Choice Physical Therapy — Wasilla, AK

Sponsored Dog: Turbo

Margaret Morcom — WA

Sponsored Dog: Betty

Jackie Leake — WA

Sponsored Dog: Jimmy


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Swing Dogs — $300


Andrea Hawkes — BC

Sponsored Dog: Yen


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Team Dogs — $200


Helga Byhre — WA

Sponsored Dog: Magic

Karen and Stephen Fry — WA

Sponsored Dog: Otter

Lynn Budzak — AK

Sponsored Dog: Circus

Nancy Edwards — WA

Sponsored Dog: Circus


Become a Team Dog sponsor

Wheel Dogs — $100


Amy Young — GA

Sponsored Dog: Dale

Al and Lori Bergman — WA

Sponsored Dog: Spot

Bob Anderson — Everett, WA

Sponsored Dog: Chip

Barbara Hudak — WA

Sponsored Dog: Spot

Judi Worley — WA

Sponsored Dog: Otter


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Fill the Sled — Any Amount


Elizabeth Watson — WA
Marian Hudak — WA


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Happy Paws — $25


Dorothy Roat — WA
Helene Fowler — WA


Become a Happy Paws sponsor

Gifts in Kind


Judi Worley

Gift: Labor

Karen Fry

Gift: Labor

John McFadden

Gift: Labor

Amy Young

Gift: Sewing

7eye by Panoptx

Gift: Prescription sunglasses and night glasses for the trail


Special Thanks


Special thanks to the following for their love and support in my dream. I couldn't do it without them!


TO MY FAMILY... My mom and dad, brother Rick, Sister Linda, Children Nicole, Tyler and Kelsey, for their incredible love and support. It means so much to me and keeps me going.

Ted and Paula English for their hospitality and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime...to run dogs!

Cecile Hoovler, who has been a part of this dream from the beginning...for her love and moral support.

Bill Henning, who has been a part of this dream from the beginning and who I can call on for whatever I need while I am away in Alaska.

Patricia Feaster and Jamen Shively for their help with my PowerPoint presentation.

Bronn Journey, for his beautiful harp music that I listen to on the trail. (bronnjourney.com)

Jackie Leeke and Doris Eaker for the loving care they give my father while I am in Alaska. Without them I couldn't leave.  I am forever grateful for the love and care that they gave my mother. 

To my Dad, Richard Steves who, when I told him of my dream, his response was "if anyone can do this, you can".

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