Jan Steves — Iditarod 2017
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Top Dogs — $1,000 & Up


Rick Steves — Europe Through the Back Door

Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door

Tyler Johnson — Eastside European Auto


Mark Fremmerlid — Four Park Avenue

Four Park Avenue

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Lead Dogs — $500


Chuck Russell — Edmonds, WA

Sponsored Dog: Thornton

Gary Thompson — Vancouver, WA

Sponsored Dog: Marty

Curtis Marble — Telluride, CO

Sponsored Dog: Spinner

Adam Geetter — Placerville, CO

Sponsored Dog: Jack

Buddy Giddens — Willow, AK

Sponsored Dog: Tok


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Swing Dogs — $300


Randy Leon — Resource Pipeline

Sponsored Dog: Red

Resource Pipeline

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Team Dogs — $200


Ricky and Colleen Utley — Rowlett, TX

Sponsored Dog: Otter

Kris and Ward Brehm — Orono, MN

Sponsored Dog: Buckshot

Gene and Aria Openshaw — Edmonds, WA

Sponsored Dog: Chad

Jamen Shively — Edmonds, WA

Sponsored Dog: Amber

Fiorini Ski School — Seattle, WA

Sponsored Dog: Nugget

Larry and Linda Cline — Willow, AK

Sponsored Dog: Max

Cecile Hoovler — Seattle, WA

Sponsored Dog: Newman


Become a Team Dog sponsor

Wheel Dogs — $100


Dave Schmidt — Everett, WA

Sponsored Dog: Walt

Lori and Phil Prins — Snohomish, WA

Sponsored Dog: Roan

Cheryl Newsome — Willow, AK

Sponsored Dog: Spot


Become a Wheel Dog sponsor

Fill the Sled — Any Amount


Steven Owen — Grants, NM
Cristwood Activities Dept. — Shoreline, WA
Kris and Ward Brehm — Orono, MN
Tim Cannon — Telluride, CO
Don and Cindy Karl — El Paso, TX
Dave Schneck — Norwood, CO
Joan Dever — Minneapolis, MN
Bennett & Bennett — Edmonds, WA
Melissa Chilson — Renton, WA
Karen Landreth-Weaver — Camp Spann


Become a Lead Dog sponsor

Happy Paws — $25


Bruce King — Lynnwood, WA
Jessie, Jesse, and Sophie — USA
Arnie and Mary Anderson — Seattle, WA
Ace and Linda Logan — Stillwater, OK


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Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door
Four Park Avenue
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